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Data and Analytics for the Solar Industry

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San Francisco, CA 94110

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What We Do

Hot 4 Solar is the premier source for street-level solar data in the industry. We provide tactical solar market intelligence to address challenges for both residential and C&I solar companies.

Our customers include distributors, analysts and government agencies who need detailed data and analytics into solar projects by date, geography and installer. 

Who We Are

We are solar professionals, software developers and data scientists who are passionate about leveraging data to accelerate adoption of renewable energy. 

Our solutions are based on the industry's largest database of solar industry projects and are targeted to produce maximum return for our customers.  

Customer Prospecting

With 400,000 solar projects and 5,000 solar installers in our database Hot 4 Solar is uniquely positioned to help distributors, O&M providers, financiers and storage vendors identify residential customers or vendors best positioned for their services. 

We have address-level visibility into 10 different states and our database continues to grow every month. 

Our skill set includes specialization in data acquisition and data science. We are well positioned to support municipalities, policy makers and industry advocates with custom market analysis and projections in scenarios which require our custom dataset. 

Consulting and Analytics

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